The ladies of the Lake Havasu Yacht Club, are all members of a Club within the Club called the Burgee Girls or simply BURGEE's.  This Club is a bit like the Auxiliary's of the service organizations in town, except there is no additional membership fees.  All the ladies of the Club become BURGEE's when they join the Yacht Club.

This Club began in 1994 when some of the ladies were interested in forming a woman's group to support the Club but be an independent organization.  Dorothy Harford and Jennifer Goettelmann were instrumental in obtaining approval from the Board of Directors and the Commodore at the time Herb Goettelmann.  The first meeting date was set for February 21, 1994.  At that meeting it was agreed the aim of the group would be to raise funds to assist the Club in meeting needs around the Club and to have FUN getting to know each other and how the club functions.  The 2nd meeting was held at the Island Inn Hotel on March 23, 1994.  The group selected the name BURGEE GIRLS.  Over the years, the Burgee's have provided a popcorn machine, window coverings, kitchen appliances, linens and flatware, a TV and new flooring for the multipurpose room, new flooring for the kitchen, replacement of serving tables and many other items including cash for ongoing Club Major Projects.

The Current Officers are:  

President Linda Jo Williams, Vice President Marlene Martinez, Secretary Debbie Camou and Treasurer Arvella Steele.